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I’m a twenty-something married millennial who loves Reformed theology and my wife, Shelley. I like to blog about the former and take the latter out for brunch. I used to whitewater raft on the New River in my home-state of wild and wonderful West Virginia. In between river trips, I got my bachelor-of-arts degree in pastoral ministry at Appalachian Bible College. Now I’m a student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary pursuing a Master of Divinity. If you like people who have Twitter but rarely actually use it, you can follow me @1689Millennial.


Like many guys and gals my age, I was swept up in the wave of the Young, Restless, Reformed movement. I’m here to help people like me navigate the waters of evangelicalism through confessional, Reformed Christianity. I do that by writing articles dealing with the Biblical text, theology, and practical living.